Arogya R & D

Arogya Research Foundation, an off shoot of Arogya healthcare is a non profitable organization exclusively working for research and development. From Concepts to Market, Arogya does intensive research.

With the collaboration of reputed research organizations, Universities and Hospitals Arogya Research Foundation shows a steady progress in the field of Drug research

Current Projects

  1. Antiproliferative studies with selected Siddha Formulations in the field of Oncology
    (2 papers published till date)

Arogya has the hospital infrastructure and association with few multi disciplinary Allopathic hospital. With this clinical platform Arogya will organize Clinical studies. Epidemiologists in the field of Clinical research are in the Arogya Team to provide protocol and study designs.

Arogya carried out low glycemic Study in traditional functional foods in Diabetics and already developed Diaddys, an unique functional food for Diabetics and Mum Mum a functional food for children.


Pharmacological & Toxicological Studies

Arogya can convene Pharmacological and Toxicological studies for Known and unknown herbal compounds/ formulations/extracts through reputed R&D institutions and Medical colleges and universities.

Drug Standardization

Arogya has the expertise in taking projects for Drug standardization. Arogya can facilitate Biochemical, Phytochemical, pharmacological toxicological studies and Drug Finger printing with TLC, HPTLC methods.

Good Manufacturing Practices

GMP - guidance and auditing can be given from concept to establishment.


Arogya with their expertise in this field can guide to make unique formulations in the field of Herbal medicines.

Consultancy offered in the following areas -

  • Cultivation of herbal plants
  • Organic conversions
  • Organic cultivations
  • Soil treatments with leguminous plants
  • Organic, HACCP certifications
  • Selection and fraction of herbal extracts to make unique formulations
  • Merchandising / trading of herbal extracts, food supplements and standardization



Dr. G. Sivaraman B.S.M.S., Ph.D.,
(Profile) the managing Director and Cheif Siddha Physician of the Arogya Healthcare, is a graduate from Govt Siddha Medical College and Doctorate from Tamil University. Started his carrier as residential Siddha Doctor in 18 Siddhar Siddha Hospital at Annanagar, Chennai in the year 1993. He started his own clinic Arogya Siddha Hospital in the year 1995. Incorporated as Pvt Ltd Company in the year 1997 Arogya  has grown in many faces.  Dr. Sivaraman is now Member of National Siddha Pharmacopeia Committee, Member -Working Group of AYUSH, Planning commission of Govt of India, Member- TKDL Expert group and many key committees of Siddha research.

Mr.S.Guruswamy, a postgraduate in agriculture, retired from Tamilnadu government agriculture department, as additional director of agriculture. He worked for the government of tamilnadu for 34 years. Currently he is looking after the administration and promotion of Arogya health care.